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Ceramides from Lipowheat

Ceramides from Lipowheat

Ceramides from Lipowheat™ from Swanson Cosmetic Science features vegetarian ceramides, critical lipid compounds that are essential for moisture retention and skin protection. Ceramides defend against dehydration and help the cells in your body to communicate in times of stress, like the stress that occurs during exposure to UV rays. When skin shows signs of aging, it's often due to a lack of ceramides and lack of protection. Some protection comes from the surface "oil" on your skin, which is up to 50% ceramides. But these lipids do much more, and unfortunately they cannot be stored for later use. Therefore, it's important to get ceramides from your daily diet and provide your body with the material to produce them on demand. As you age and your body undergoes physical stress, you lose ceramides. Rather, you use them up, which means they must be replenished. Try Swanson Cosmetic Science Ceramides from Lipowheat for natural defense against the visible signs of aging. 30 liquide cupsels

Manufacturer: Swanson