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wrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch 30-Day Starter System

wrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch 30-Day Starter System

Infusion is the New Injection! Supercharge your beauty regimen with wrinkleMD. The wrinkleMD Eye System uses a gentle micro-current to deliver hyaluronic acidthe wrinkle-filler injected by dermatologistsand peptides by infusing them into the layers of your skin, deeper than creams or serums can reach. Each treatment targets wrinkles with an intensive boost of hyaluronic acid. Visible results are immediate and continue to improve with as little as one treatment per week. All you feel is a gentle, euphoric tingle and all you see is beautiful, younger-looking skin. Without hyaluronic acid, the skin's network of collagen and elastin is weakened, leading to wrinkles, loss of firmness and loss of hydration. The wrinkleMD Eye System delivers hyaluronic acid directly where you want itin the skin's surfacewithout injections. In clinical tests, 95% of women experienced immediate results after 40 minutes: smoother, softer, plumper-looking skin, with a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines. By wrinkleMD; made in the USA.

Manufacturer: wrinkleMD